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Quantum Computing:Program Next-Gen Computers for Hard, Real-World Applications                    

by Nihal Mehta| February in 2020

Quantum computing overhauls computer science. Designing life-saving drugs and solving super-large logistics problems that are difficult or impossible for classical computers to handle are now within reach. Instead of iterating through each possible configuration one by one, quantum computing speeds up the search by giving you the tools to examine all possibilities simultaneously to find those that work. Now you can work with real quantum computers instead of just talking about them theoretically. Get a head start on the technology that will drive computer science into the future.












FUNdamental Mathematics: A voyage into the quirky universe of maths & jokes           

by David Eelbode| December in 2019

Unique trip through the wondrous world of mathematics

Mathematics does not have to be boring. On the contrary: it can be very funny. In this book David Eelbode takes you on a fascinating trip to the mathematical concept of space through personal anecdotes, sharp observations and absurd reasoning. To make the difficult parts more understandable he uses a proven concept: humor. The reader of this book will not only learn about mathematics but also about the enigmatic community of people who are working on and in this fascinating world. David Eelbode is able to capture our attention with original and intriguing metaphors.





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