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A Scrum Book: The Spirit of the Game                    

by Jeff Sutherland, James O. Coplien| September in 2019


Building a successful product usually involves teams of people, and many choose the Scrum approach to aid in creating products that deliver the highest possible value. Implementing Scrum gives teams a collection of powerful ideas they can assemble to fit their needs and meet their goals. Enhance and customize your Scrum practice with ninety-four organizational building blocks, called patterns, that you can freely and flexibly choose from to fit your needs. Understand and appreciate the history of Scrum and the role it plays in solving common problems in product development.











E se un giorno il vento…

by Anna Baccelliere, Chiara Gobbo| February in 2016
“How am I to recognize the enemy?” asked a child in a country at war.

“Look at his hat!”answered his father.

But what if the wind…










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Clean  Architecture: A Craftman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design

By Robert C. Martin| Joon Yi Song| Insight Press| August in 2019














Artificial Intelligence for Big Data

By Anand Deshpande, Manish Kumar| Yeoungim Jo| Hongreung Science Publishing Co.| June in 2019