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Painting Masterclass

by Susie Hodge| 2019

This book examines 100 of the most fascinating of such paintings by the world’s greatest artists: the way they were made and how and what we can learn from them. Also, the book including practical tips and advice allow you to weave some of this magic into your own work. Perfect for students as well as professinal painters, and with a broad historical and global reach, this book is an indispensable introduction to the rich history and practice of painting.





The Complete Pattern Directory

By Elizabeth Wilhide| 2019

From the first rhythmic marks pressed onto clay vessels, to the latest digital design, pattern-making has been an essential part of the decorative arts since time immemorial. With 1500 illustrations of patterns from all ages and cultures, THE COMPLETE PATTERN DIRECTORY is not only a visual feast, it is the most comprehensive resource available on the subject. 





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By Davide Del Gatto, Kristina Gustafsson| Hayeon Jung| ButtonBooks| March in 2019









Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

By Josh Skeen, David Greenhalgh| Tr. by Jae Chul Shim| J-Pub| March  in 2019