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The Art Puzzle Book

by Dr. Gareth Moore| September in 2019

The Art Puzzle Book turns art history on its head by testing your brainpower and perception on some the world’s most iconic paintings. Journey from ancient Egypt to 1980s New York solving riddles, discovering hidden secrets and challenging your general knowledge.

Esteemed art historian Susie Hodge and leading brain trainer Dr Gareth Moore introduce you to 36 iconic pieces of art – including Botticelli’s Primavera, Van Gogh’s The Starry Night and Picasso’s Guernica. For each painting, they reveal fascinating facts about the work and artist (and give clues on what to look for), before challenging you to decipher the art for yourself through carefully crafted questions. With over 300 questions, The Art Puzzle Book is designed to entertain and perplex, whether you’re an art novice or an art connoisseur.











Big Ideas for Young Thinkers           

by Jamia Wilson| March in 2020

What is justice? What is freedom? What is bias? … And who gets to have big ideas?

Studies show that children ask caregivers 300 questions a day during meals, trips to the market, and before bedtime. This book teaches children to think critically and discuss ideas in a world that needs bright young thinkers. Jamia Wilson expertly explores the difficult questions kids may ask by relating them to real-life examples and introducing a diverse range of thinkers and luminaries. Drawing on influences from ancient Greeks right up to modern-day American writers, the idea of philosophy – and who gets to have big ideas – is reimagined.










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By Joe Morgan| Hyeoncheol Kwak| Gilbut| December in 2019













국내외차 전기전자 트러블슈팅

By Julian Edgar| Golden-bell Publishing Co.| December in 2019