Hottest New Books 

  Architecture: The Whole Story

  Ed. by  Denna Jones  | 576p. | Quintessence| 2016

  Architecture The Whole Story takes a close look at the history of
architecture and its key periods and movements. The most important
individual architects within each period are identified, accompanied
by detailed analyses of the works that best exemplify their approach.
Organized chronologically, each chapter begins with an in-depth
explanatory essay by an architectural specialist who traces the
history of a movement and its architects. Selected structures are
examined in photographic close-up to provide a detailed study
of the building’s inspiration, construction, and stylistic features.
Relationships are established and patterns are revealed, highlighting
connections between apparently dissimilar styles 


 By Fleur Daugey, Marie de Monti | Akela Editions  |  36p. | 2015 

   Nothing like a funny gull to see all the birds around the globe …
A book produced in partnership with the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) to learn
how to protect birds


 Recently Published Books  


  Agile Software Development 
By Robert C. Martin |  Tr. by Lee YongWon, Kim JeongMin, Jeong JiHo | J-Pub | May 2017






   Television Culture

  By John Fisk | Tr. by Kwak HanJoo | Culturelook | May 2017

  La Fatigue Emotionnelle et Physique de Meres 

 By Violaine Gueritualt | Tr. by Choi JeongSoo | Wowlife | April 2017