Recently published books

Simplifying JavaScript: Writing Modern JavaScript with ES5, ES6, and Beyond

By Joe Morgan| Hyeoncheol Kwak| Gilbut| December in 2019









국내외차 전기전자 트러블슈팅

By Julian Edgar| Golden-bell Publishing Co.| December in 2019









A Chronology of Art

By Iain Zaczek| Gi-Soo Lee| Maroniebooks| September in 2019









Vintage Tea Party

By Carolyn Caldicott| EunSook Choi| Yellow Stone| November in 2019










Neural Networks and Deep Learning: A Textbook

By Charu C. Aggarwal| Gwang Ryu| J-Pub| September in 2019









4G, LTC-Advanced Pro and The Road to 5G

By Erik Dahlman| Bongyeol Cho| Hongreung Science Publishing Co.| September in 2019








Clean  Architecture: A Craftman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design

By Robert C. Martin| Joon Yi Song| Insight Press| August in 2019










Artificial Intelligence for Big Data

By Anand Deshpande, Manish Kumar| Yeoungim Jo| Hongreung Science Publishing Co.| June in 2019











Introduction to Deep Learning

By Sandro Skansi| Joon Tae Kim, Gyeon-A Ryu|Human Science| June in 2019









The Day I Got Up Early

By 賴馬| Yen na Son|A Thousand Hope| August in 2019









The Monster of PALAPALA Mountain

By 賴馬| Yen na Son|A Thousand Hope| June in 2019










Learning Regular Expressions

By Ben Forta|Tr. by Kyung Soo Kim, Jong Jin Kim, Na Ra Kim| Insight Press| July  in 2019









The Beer Dictionary

By Richard Croasdale| Han Sam Yoon, Myung Ryong Lee, Dong Seok Lee| Bookers| June in 2019









Pragmatic Unit Testing In Java with JUnit

By Jeff Langr, Andy Hunt, Dave Thomas|Tr. by Dong Hwan Ryu| Gilbut| July  in 2019









Guide to Competitive Programming: Learning and Improving Algorithms Through Contests

By Antti Laaksonen| Seung Hyun Cho, Jin Hyun Kim| Insight Press| May  in 2019









Mega Books: Tracktors

By Louise Pritchard, Christian Gunzi|Tr. by Jae Hwi Kim| Golden-bell Publishing Co.| March  in 2019









  The Coffee Dictionary

By Maxwll Colonna-Dashwood | Tr. by Yuna Kim  | Jajaknamusoup | May 2018





  Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

By Chrisopher M.Bishop | Tr. by Hyeongjin Kim | J-Pub | September 2018 




 Agile Software Development 
By Robert C. Martin |  Tr. by Lee YongWon, Kim JeongMin, Jeong JiHo | J-Pub | May 2017




   Television Culture

  By John Fisk | Tr. by Kwak HanJoo | Culturelook | May 2017

  La Fatigue Emotionnelle et Physique de Meres

 By Violaine Gueritualt | Tr. by Choi JeongSoo | Wowlife | April 2017 





Reative Programming with RxJava

By Tomasz Nurkiewicz, Ben Christensen| Tr. by Kim InTae | Insight Press | April 2017

Learning Scala

By Jason Swartz|  Tr. by Kim JeongIn, Kang SeongYong | J-Pub | April  2017

 Programming Robots with ROS

By Morgan Quigley, Brian Gerkey, William D. Smart | Tr. by Kim SeongWoo, Lee JongMin | J-Pub | March 2017

   It’s About Time

By Liz Evers | Tr. by Oh SookEun | Yellowstone | March  2017


  Success by Design
  By David Sherwin  | Tr. by TransisterFactory |  Spotlight Book | March 2017
  Modern ERP 
 By Mianne Bradford | Tr. by Im SeiHyeon et al. | Chungram | March 2017

Practical Vim

By Drew Neil | Tr. by Kim YongKyun | Insight Press | February 2017

Perl Cookbook 

By  | Tr. by Park GeunYong, Lee JongJin, Shin Nara | Insight Press | February 2017

  Supervision in Psychodrama 

  By Hannes Krall; Jutta Furst, Pierre Fontaine | Tr. by Cheo DaeHeon et al.| Pakhaksa | November 2016

 An Emotionally Focused Workbook for Couples 

  By Veronica Kallos-Lilly; Jennifer Fitzgerald | Tr. by Seo MiA | Pakhaksa | November 2016

 Docker Up & Running 
 By Karl Matthias, Sean P. Kane  | tr. by Park JongYoung | J-Pub | July 2016

   Motivational Interviewing in Groups 

   By Christopher C. Wagner; Karen S. Ingersoll | Tr. by Sin SeongMan et al. | Pakhaksa | July 2016
Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide 
By Bill Philips, Brian Hardy, Chris Stewart, Chrisitin Marsicano | tr. by Shim JaeCheol | J-Pub | June 2016

 Red Herring (El arenque rojo) 

  By Gonzalo Moure | tr. by Lee SoonYoung | ill. by Alicia Varela | Bookgoodcome | June 2016

 Data Science from Scratch
By Joel Grus | tr. by Park EunJeong, Kim Hankyeol, Ha SeongJoo | Insight | May 2016

iOS 9 App Development Essentials 

By Neil Smyth | tr. by Hwan BanSeok | J-Pub | April 2016

   Everyday Science (Ciencia Cotidiana) 

  By Eduardo BanqueriForns-Samso [et al.]| tr. by Ha JeongHee | ill. by Roger Zanni | Arom Junior | April 2016




Living Clojure

By Carin Meier | tr. by Park SangKyu, Kim ManMyeong, Kim YoungTae | Insight | April 2016

Abonormal Psychology in a Changing World  

By Jeffrey S. Nevid , Spencer A. Rathus, Beverly Greene | Tr. by Shin SeongMan et al. | Pakhaksa | March 2016

  Stuff You Should Know

By John Fardon, Rob Betty | Tr. by Cho EunMee |  | Junior Golden-bell | February 2016


 Foundations of Behavioral Neuroscience 

 By Neil R. Carlson  | Tr. by Jeong BongKyo, Hyun SeongYong, Yoon ByungSoo | Pakhaksa | February 2016

Scarable and Modular Architecture for CSS

By Jonathan Snook | tr. by Park SoEun | Insight | January 2016

 On Kubrick

 By James Naremore| tr. by Jeong Heon | culturelook | January 2016

 The Ultimate Player’s Guide to Minecraft

By Stephen O’Brian | tr. by Na SeungYeop | Human Comedies | January 2016

  A Behavioral Approach to Asset Pricing

  By Hersh Shefrin | tr. by Jeong SeongHun, Kim HyungSoon | Chungram | January 2016
  I Love Spiderman, so what? (Mi Place   Spiderman… e allora?)
  By Giorgia Vezzoli | tr. by Lee SeungSoo | ill. by  Massimiliano di Lauro  | Must B | January 2016

 The LEGO Neighborhood Book 

 By Brian Lyles, Jason Lyles | tr. by Na KyungBae | Insight | January 2016
 LEGO Technic Idea Book   3titles
By Yoshihito Isogawa | tr. by Gong MinShik | Insight| January 2016
 From Royal Children To Tyanny Children ( De  l’enfant roi a l’enfant tyran )
 By Didier Pleux | tr. by Lee MyungEun | Gilbut | December 2015

Refactoring for Software Design Smells

By Girish Suryanarayana, Ganesh Samarthyam, Tushar Sharma  | tr. by Park Jaeho | Gilbut | December 2015

 Motivational Interviewing in Schools

 By Keith C. Herman , Wendy M. Reinke, Andy J. Frey, Stephanie A. Shepard  | tr. by Shin Seong-Man [et al.] | Pakhaksa | December  2015


 Girls Night In  

  By Gemma Barder; Ill. by  Katy Jackson  | Goldenbell Junior| January 2016

  Jurgen Harbermas: Democracy and the Public Sphere 

  By Luke Goode |   Culturelook | Decebmer 2015


High Peformance Browser Networking 

By Ilya Grigorik| | Insight | November 2015


Programming Ruby

By Dave Thomas, Chad Fowler, Andy Hunt | Insight | November 2015

  La Petite Truie, le Velo et la Lune 
  By Pierre Dube | Ill. by Orbie | Bookgoodcome | October 2015
  The War  that Changed the Rondo
 By Romana Romanyshyn, Andriy Lesiv  | Sanha |  November 2015

 The 8 Keys of Excellence: Principles to Live By

By Bobbi DePorter | Widelook| October 2015

 Learning Speark: Lightning-Fast Data Analysis 
By Holden Karau, Andy Konwinski, Patrick Wendell, Matel Zaharia | J-Pub | October 2015
  The Principles of Beautiful Web Design 3/e 
  By Jason Beaird, Jamges George | Insight | October 2015

 Developing an Ionic Edge

By Anton Shevchenko , Robin van Baalen, Keith D. Moore, Diego Netto, Alan Levicki | Hongreung Science Pub. | July 2015

Learning to Program

By Steven Foote  | Insight | September 2015
  The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Discovery Book 

 By Laurence Valk | Insight | October 2015

Watch OS 2 App Development Essentials 

By Neil Smyth| J-Pub | October 2015
 Mechanical Behavior of Materials 4/e
  By Norman E. Dowling | Hongreung Science Pub.| August 2015
 Effective Modern C++ 
By Scott Meyers | Insight | September 2015






The Art of Business Communication 

By Graham Shaw | Human Comedy  | May 2015



 Water Wave Mechanics

By Robert G. Dean , Robert A.Dalrymple | Haksan Media | August 2015

 Higher Engineering Mathmatics

By John Bird  | Hongreung Science Pub. | July 2015






  Lenses on Reading : An Introduction to Theories and Models 2/e

 By Diane H. Tracey , Lesley Mandel Morrow  | Academy Press |  July 2015




 La Louve / The Wolf

 By Clementine Beauvais | Ill. by  Antoine Deprez| Sanha | July 2015




  Visual Storytelling with D3 

By Ritchie S. King | Insight | June 2015

 Android Studio Development Essentials 

 By Neil Smyth | J-Pub| June 2015




 Invent Your Own Computer Game with Python 2/e

By Al Sweigart | IPG | June 2014




Making Games with Python &  Pygame

By Al Sweigart | IPG | June 2014






Disaster Psychiatry

  Ed. by Frederick J. Stoddard Jr , Anand Pandya, Craig L. Katz | Hana Medical Pub. | March 2015






RESTful Web API 

By Leonard Richardwon, Mike Amundsen, Sam Ruby | Insight | September 2015

 R for Everyone: Advanced Analytics and Graphics

 By Jared P. Lander | Insight| July 2015

 How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles

 By Garry LaPlante | Golden-bell | June,  2015

 The  Invent to Learn Guide to 3D Printing in the Classroom Recipes for Success
 By David Thornburg , Norma Thornburg, Sara Armstrong | Hongreung Science Pub. | June 2015

  Invent to Learn
 By Sylvia Libow Martinez , Gary Stager | Hongreung Science Pub. |  June 2015
   Node. Js : the Right Way
 By Jim R. Wilson | Hongreung Science Pub. | June 2015

 Java EE Architect’s Handbook 2/e 

 By Derek C. Ashmore  | Wowbooks | May 2015

 FabLab of Machines, Makers and Inventors

By Julia Walter-Herrmann; Corinne Buching | Academy Press  | April, 2015




  M Comme… (M as in…)

  By Yael Hassan | By Lee Hyo Sook  | Arom Junior | April, 2015




 Comment se Faire des Millions d’Amis?     (How to make millions of friends?)

  By Francois Gravel, Ill. by Katy Lemay | Tr. by Cho Hyun Sil | Sanha | April, 2015




iOS 8 App Development Essentials 

By Neil Smyth | Tr. by Hwang Ban Seok | J-Pub | April, 2015

 Math Goes to the Movies

 By Burkard Polster; Marty Ross | Tr. by Park Yu Jin | Culturelook | March, 2015





  An Introduction to Parallel Programming 

 By Peter Pacheco | Tr. by Kim Seong Min | J-Pub | February,  2015 






Contemporary Art: 1989 to the Present

 By Alexander  Dumbadze; Suzanne Hudson | Yekyong  | January, 2015





Soil Mechanics

 By Graham Barnes | Haksan Media | January, 2015






Words in the Mind

  By Jean Aitchison | Tr. by Hong Woo Pyeong | Jinsaem Media | January, 2015

 Designing & Assessing Educational Objectives 

 By  Robert J. Marzano, , John S. Kendall  | Academy Press | January, 2015

 LEGO Space

 By  Peter Reid; Tim Goddard |  Tr. by Lee Hyun Kyung | Insight | December, 2014

 Whole Child Education

  By John P. Miller  | Tr. by Min Kyung Sook | Academy Press | November, 2014

Sock Knitting Master Class

By Ann Budd | Tr. by Jeong Ji In | Yekyong| October, 2014

 The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research 

By Norman K. Denzin , Yvonna S. Lincoln   | Academy Press | October, 2014

  The World in Your Lunchbox

 By Claire Eamer | Tr. by Lee Seung Sook| Ill. by Sa Boothroyd | Yeolda | October,  2014

 Explore It: Reduce Risk and Increase Confidence with Exploratory Testing 

 By Elizabeth Hendrickson | Tr. by Oh Kwang Shin | Insight | October, 2014
The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide 
By Pawel “Sariel” Kmiec | by Gong Min Shik | Insight | September, 2014



  On Freud’s “A Child is Being Beaten” 

 by Ethel Spector Person |  Hana Medical Publishing Co. | September, 2014

The Beginnings of Communication Study in America

By Wilbur Schramm | Tr. by Im Young Ho | Culturelook | September, 2014

 Twisted Network Programming Essentials

By Jessica McKellar, Abe Fettig | Insight Press | August, 2014




 Effective Java 2nd ed.

By Joshua Bloch | Insight Press | August, 2014





  Uma Onda Pequienina (A Small Wave) 

  By Isabel Minhos Martins | Ill. by Yara Kono  | Sanha Publishing Co. | August, 2014

  Here I am

By Patti Kim| Ill. by Sonia Sanchez | Must-B Publishing Co.|  July 2014




 Peopleware 3rd ed.

By Tom DeMarco; Timothy Lister | Insight|  July 2014






  How to Build a Car

  By Martin Sodomka | Junior Golden-Bell | June 2014





 How to Build a Plane

  By Martin Sodomka | Junior Golden-Bell | June 2014




 Game Physics 2nd ed.

 By David H. Eberly  | Wowbooks | June 2014
  Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL, 2nd ed.

  By Benedit Gaster, Lee Howes, David Kaeli, Perhadd Mistry, Dana Schaa | J-Pub | May 2014
 Far From Home

 By Na’ima B Robert | Hanuri Books | May 2014
  iOS 7 App Development Essentials

By Neil Smyth | J-Pub | May 2014
  Effective Objective- C 2.0

 By Matt Galloway | Insight| April 2014
 101 Tecnicas-Acuarela(Watercolor Techniques) 

  By David Sanmiguel | Art in Book | April 2014
 In Search of Dark Matter

 By Ken Freeman, Gepff Mcnamara  | Chungbum Publishing co. | April 2014
  Linux Kernel  HACKS 


  By Munehiro Ikeda, Naohiro Ooiwa, Hiroshi Shimamoto, Akio Takebe, Masami Hiramatsu| Wowbooks | April 2014

 School Psycology 

  By Thomas K. Fagan, Paula Sachs Wise | Academy Press | March 2012
Interactive Data Visualization for the Web 

By Scott Murray  | Insight | March 2014
  Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviors: A Clinician’s Guide

 By Sara Bowen PhD, Neha Chawla PhD, G Alan Marlatt PhD | Hana Medical Publishing Co. | March 2014
  Love You When 


 By Linda Kranz | Yellowstone | March 2014
  Digital Streroscopy

  By Benoit Michel  |  Jinsaem Media | February 2014
  Education and Support Programs for Caregivers 


 By  Ronald W. Toseland | Hana Medical Publishing Co.| February 2013
Data Structures and Algorighms Made Easy

By Narasimha Karumanchi| Insight | February 2014
Data Structures and Algorighms Made Easy for Java

By Narasimha Karumanchi| Insight | February 2014
Machine Learning fro Hackers 

By Drew Conway, John Myles White | Insight | January 2014
 The Evolution of Obesity

 by Michael L.Power and Jay Schulkin| Culturelook| January 2014

 To the Ends of the Earth: 100 Maps that changed the World 

 by Jeremy Harwood | Preungil | January 2014

The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide

by Allan Bedford | Insight| January 2014
 Fifty Railways that Changed the Couse of History
 by Bill Laws | Yekyong | January 2014
 Clean Code

 by Robert. C. Martin | Insight | December 2013

   Cult of LEGO

  by John Baichtal, Joe Meno | Insight | December 2013

Understanding and Using C Pointers

By Richard Reese | J-Pub | December 2013
Programming in Objective-C 2.0 5/e


by Stephen Kochan | Insight | December 2013
Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

by Bill Philips,  Brian Hardy | J-Pub | November 2013

 Version Control with Git 2nd ed.

by John Loeliger, Matthew McCullough | J-Pub | November 2013

 Cognitive Load Theory

  by John Sweller, Paul Ayres, Slava Kalyuga  | Academy Press | November 2013

  Bullying Prevention

  by Pamela Orpinas, Arthur M. Horne  | Academy Press | October 2013

R Graphics Cookbook

By Winston Chang  | Insight Publishing Co. | September, 2013


  SQL in 10 Minutes

By Ben Forta | Insight | September 2013


  A Practical Sourcebook for Aspirining and Professional Photographers

By Eliot Siegel | MGH Books | September 2013

 El Gran Libro de Los Vampiros (Vampires)

  By Denise Despeyroux| Ill. by Fernando Falcone| Must B | November 2013

CSS3: The Missing Manual

 by David Sawyer McFarland | Insight | August 2013




 Modern ERP

  By Marianne Bradford | Chungram | August  2013





 Why Your Five Year Old Could Not Have Done That

 By Susie Hodge | Maronie Books | August 2013






 How Cars Works

 By Nick Arnolds| Ill. by Allen  Sanderseon| Junior Goldenbell | October 2013



  Nursing Health Assessment

 By Patricia M. Dillon | Jungdam Media | September  2013

  An Introduction to Numerical Methods A MATLAB Approach

 By Abdelwahab Kharab, Ronald B.Guenther | Haksan Media | August 2013

Sketching User Experience: the workbook

by Bill Buxton, Saul Greenberg, Sheela Carpendale, Nicolai Marquardt  | Insight | July 2013

 The Arts in Children’s Lives

  By Liora Bresler, Christine Marme Thompson | Jungminsa | July 2013

 The Age of the Platform 

  By Phil Simon | J-Pub | Augst 2013




 100 Lace Flowers to Crochet

By  Caitlin Sainio | Yekyong| August 2013



 Effective Java Script

 By David Herman | Tr. by Kim Jun Gi | Insight | August 2013





 Bible Atlas

By Barry Bandstra | Yekyong | August 2013


 Big Data Now

By O’Reilly Media Inc. |  J-Pub | July 2013





 Mobile Usability

By Jacob Nielsen, Raluca Budiu | J-Pub | July 2013





Hacker’s Delight 2nd ed.

By Henry S. Warren |  J-Pub | July 2013






 Social Research Methods: Qualitive and Quantitive Approaches

 By W. Lawrence Neuman  | E &B Plus | July 2013




Programming Your Home

By Mike Riley | Insight | July 2013

 Spacecraft (Dr. Car Series x 7)

By Chrisitan Gunzi | Junior Golden-bell | July  2013




   Ramadan Moon

By Na’ima B Robert | Hanuri Books | 2013





Positive Psychology

By Kate Hefferon, Ilona Boniwell | Pak Hak Sa| June 2013







 Ramadan Moon

 By Na’ima B. Robert | Shirin AdlHanuribooks | June  2013
Designing Window 8 Metro Application with C# and XAML

By Jeremy Likness |  J-Pub | May  2013




  Ma Super Famille (My Super Family)

 By Gwendoline Raisson; Ill by Magali Le Huche | Sanha | April 2013




Team Geek: a Software Developer’s Guide to Working Well with Others

By Brian W. Fitzpatrick; Ben Collins-Sussman |  J-pub | May 2013




 How Machines Work

 By Nick Arnold | Ill. by Alan Sanderson | Junior Goldenbell | April 2013



Learning to Use Statistical Tests in Psychology 3rd ed.

By Judith Greene, Manuela D Oliveira | Pak Hak Sa | March 2013







 Intercultural Student Teaching: A Bridge to Global Competence

By Kenneth Cushner; Sharon Brennan | Academy Press | March 2013



  Shopping for Vintage

By Funmi Odulate |  Miho | February 2013





  Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

By Matt Richardwon; Shawn Wallace| J-Pub | April 2013

Are Your Lights On?

By Donald C. Gause; Gerald M. Weinberg | Insight  | January 2013

Becoming a Technical Leader

By Gerald M. Weinberg | By Cho Seung Bin | Insight | January 2013


50 Minerals that Changed the Course of History

By Eric Chaline | Yekyong| January 2013


  200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans

By Jean Eaton | Tr. by Kim Soo Jin | J&P | Jan. 2013




  Sergey’s HTML 5 & CSS 3 Quick Reference

By Sergey Mavrody | Chang Hyun Hee | J-Pub| Jan. 2013




 You Must Hear Before You Die : Songs 1001

Ed. by Robert Dimery| Tr. by Lee Moon Hee| Maronie Books| Jan. 2013





Middle East : the cradle of civilization revealed

By Stephen Bourke | Tr. by Park Kyung Hye  | Preungil | Dec. 2012




   75 shells, corals & sea creatures to knit & crochet

By Jessica Polka | Tr. by Soo Jin Kim | J&P | Aug. 15, 2012



  The Crazy Man

  By Pamela Porter | Tr. by Baebling Books | Cover image by Dorina Tessmann | Sanha | Nov. 20, 2012



  Owl’s Apartment

By Kim Ha Nee | Ill. by Dorina Tessmann | Spoon Book | Oct. 15, 2012


  By Maxine Trottier | Tr. by No Kyung Sil | Sanha | Oct. 10, 2012




 Dual Language Development and Disorders

by Johanne Paradis, Fred Genesee, Martha B. Crago | tr. byHwang Sang Sim  |Pak Hak Sa  | Sept. 5, 2012



 Foundations of Addictions Counseling

by David Capuzzi, Mark D. Stauffer| Shin Seong Man et al | Pak Hak Sa | Sept. 5, 2012





 Arduino Cookbook  2/e

by Michael Margolis |  J Pub | September  2012



 By Kasmir Huseinovic| Ill. by  Andrea Petrlik | Spoonbook | August 2012


 Cracking the Coding Interview

 By Gayle Laakmann McDowell| Insight| August 2012


  Getting Started with Arduino 2/e

   Making Insight  Series

  By Massimo Banzi| Insight| July 2012

R Cookbook

By Paul  Teetor| Insight | July 2012


 Building Motivational Interviewing Skills

 By David B. Rosengren  | Pak Hak Sa | June 2012


Agile Web Development with Rails 4/e

 By Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson |  Insight | May 2012

 Beautiful Visualization  

  By Julie Steele and Noah Illinsky | Insight| May 2012


Objective-C Programming

By Aaron Hillegass| J Pub | April 2012




 Exemplars of Curriculum Theory

By Arthru K. Ellis | Academy Press | April 2012

The Definitive Guide to the Xen Hypervisor

By David Chisnall  | J pub | April 2012

 Doing Research with Children 

 By Anne Greig , Jane Taylor , Tommy Mackay  | Pak Hak Sa | March 2012



Make: Electronics

By Charles Platt | Insight | March 2012

Prototyping Lab

By Shigeru Kobayashi| Insight | March 2012

Agile Samurai

By Jonathan Rasmusson | Insight|  February 2012



Harvey, How I Became Invisible

By Herve Bouchard | Janice Nadeau | Sanha | February 2012




 Only One You

By  Linda Kranz | Yellow Stone| February 2012



The Passionate Programmer

By Chad Fowler| Insight| January 2012

 Action Learning in Schools

By Peter Aubusson , Robyn Ewing , Garry Hoban |Academy Press | May 2012

 To Everything There is a Season

By Jude Daly | Ill. by Jude Daly | Sanha | January 2012